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Agency Exec Tapped to Drive Programmatic Media Buying
venerd́, 12 Settembre 2014 - 03:00 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - 10-Broadcast - Newsroom
(2014-09-12) PARSIPPANY, N.J. , Sept. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — i.Predictus has announced the addition of Monica Lenti to its executive leadership team in the position of Vice President of Business Relationships. Monica comes to i.Predictus with more than twenty years of powerhouse agency experience, having held le.....
U.S. court orders man to stop spreading HIV
venerd́, 12 Settembre 2014 - 10:08 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Topix Media
Health officials in Seattle secured a court order telling a man who has infected at least eight people with HIV to stop spreading the virus that causes AIDS. The King County Superior Court order issued Sept.
AJA Raw CION Camera Format Supported in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
venerd́, 12 Settembre 2014 - 07:03 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Z -CreativeCow
(Amsterdam, IBC 2014--September 12, 2014) Stand 7.F11- AJA Video Systems today announced its AJA Raw CION camera format will soon be supported in Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC. Adobe previewed several new developments and updates to Adobe Premiere Pro CC at the IBC 2014 conference in Amsterdam. “The reliability and performance of AJA’s products on the video/audio I/O, recording and digital workflow end of things are well established, and we’re excited to see them enter into the camera market with CION,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe. “Now creative pros will have an even more powerful workflow with the support of the AJA Raw CION camera format in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.”
Us Dod Places Second Order for Harris Corporation's Falcon III Multi-channel Manpack Radios
sabato, 13 Settembre 2014 - 12:19 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Topix Radio
The RF-340M integrates two radio channels into a single chassis, allowing users to operate simultaneously on multiple networks for enhanced command and control. The radio also includes an expansion slot capable of adding capabilities to address emerging and unique mission needs in areas such as higher-speed wideband networking, satellite communications and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.
'This is Our Youth' stands test of time on Broadway
sabato, 13 Settembre 2014 - 05:46 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Topix Media
Nearly two decades after its New York debut, "This is Our Youth," Kenneth Lonergan's play about privileged, aimless youth, opened on Broadway on Thursday with critics praising its young actors for their funny, spot-on performances. The play, set in a Manhattan apartment in 1982, chronicles 48 hours in the lives of three friends on the cusp of adulthood, coping with life, parents and each other.
Freefly Systems Announces Delivery Dates for New MōVI M15 Stabilizer for 15‑pound (7kg) Camera Systems
sabato, 13 Settembre 2014 - 10:24 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Z -CreativeCow
(Woodinville, Washington--September 13, 2014) Freefly Systems, known for pioneering next generation handheld camera stabilizers, adds the new MōVI M15 to its lineup, which includes the smaller M10 and M5 units. Inspired by cameras like the Sony F55 and ARRI Alexa M, the M15 is compatible with most popular professional camera/lens combinations. Freefly Systems will start very limited shipping of the M15 immediately with wider availability by the end of October. The M15 offers a maximum payload of 15 pounds/7kg yet itself weighs just 5.4 pounds/2.47 kg. The M15 features a fully enclosed camera cage (203mm long x 203mm wide x197 high) for maximum rigidity and shot stability, as well as fully protected wiring with an adjustable camera plate. Other advancements include simplified tool-less balancing and a quick release top handle for rapid adjustment. Similar to the M5 and M10, the M15 may also be configured in “Inverted Mode” for a more comfortable eye-level camera angle.
SMiT presents the CI Plus v1.4 demo
sabato, 13 Settembre 2014 - 03:00 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - 10-Broadcast - Newsroom
(2014-09-13) AMSTERDAM , Sept. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — SMiT, the global-leading operation platform provider for secure distribution of paid content, presents the CI Plus v1.4 demo at IBC 2014.
Pennsylvania State Trooper Killed, Another Injured in Shooting Outside Barracks
sabato, 13 Settembre 2014 - 06:08 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Topix Media
Law enforcement agencies from three states are searching for the gunman or gunmen who ambushed two state troopers outside a barracks in a rural area of northeastern Pennsylvania, killing one and wounding the other. The shooting happened outside the State Police Barracks in Blooming Grove, about 35 miles east of Scranton, just before 11 p.m. Friday, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan told ABC News.
Terror Cell Discovered in Uganda, 'Imminent Attack' Planned
domenica, 14 Settembre 2014 - 06:43 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - C-Media
The parents of a college freshman are desperate to find their 18-year-old daughter who was last seen nearly two weeks ago.Anna Marie Smith, a student at Appal... -- U.S. military forces continued airstrikes in Iraq this week, targeting ISIS forces near the Mosul Dam.
Achieving diversity in police ranks no easy task
luned́, 15 Settembre 2014 - 12:38 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - C-Media
ADVANCE FOR USE MONDAY, SEPT. 15, 2014, AND THEREAFTER- In a July 16, 2014 photo, Minneapolis police officer Mike Kirchen, right, chats with Mascud Abdi, 13, left, and Mahad Ahmed, 10, while on patrol in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis.
New president of NPR faces a host of challenges
luned́, 15 Settembre 2014 - 02:56 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Topix Radio
NATIONAL Public Radio has an unbiased world-class product, says its new president. Now it just needs to sell it.
New Lexus ES and IS Spots from Team One and RSA Director Laurence Dunmore Feature Artful VFX and Finishing Artistry of Brewster Parsons
luned́, 15 Settembre 2014 - 10:38 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Z -CreativeCow
(Los Angeles, California--September 15, 2014) Two new spots respectively showcasing the 2015 Lexus ES and IS luxury sport sedans debuted last week thanks to the brand's executives' partnership with Team One Advertising, RSA Films director Laurence Dunmore and artists at Brewster Parsons and Cut & Run. Painstakingly crafted to give each a unique identity while reflecting the current direction for the brand, both the Lexus ES "Remember" and Lexus IS "No Good Deed" spots debuted earlier in September and will continue to air during high-profile broadcast and cable programming over the weeks ahead. Lexus ES "Remember" courtesy of Brewster Parsons.
Zack Snyder: Stormtrooper Spotted on the 'Batman v. Superman' Set
luned́, 15 Settembre 2014 - 01:15 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - C-Media
The director of the DC Comics sequel tweeted on Saturday a photo of two Gotham City police officers, the newly debuted Batmobile and a Stormtrooper who was being shoved into the cop car, all with an elusive caption: "Case closed."
Aberdeen Checklist: Got CPQ? Six Best Practices You Need to Ensure Maximum Sales ROI
venerd́, 05 Settembre 2014 - 12:00 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Systems Integration White Paper
Use this Aberdeen Group report to help you implement a Configure/Price/Quote deployment as it provides 6 best practices that you need to ensure maximum sales ROI. Published by: Oracle Corporation
Telestream Products Receive Official DPP Certification
marted́, 16 Settembre 2014 - 11:20 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Z -CreativeCow
Telestream Vantage and Switch products among the first to achieve DPP/AMWA certification (Nevada City, California--September 16, 2014) Telestream®, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, received notice that its Vantage and Switch products were amongst the first to achieve DPP/AMWA certification as part of the DPP (Digital Production Partnership)’s new Compliance Program. Version 6.3 of the Vantage platform --which provides a broad range of enterprise-class transcoding and file-based workflow automation software products-- adds several new capabilities for assembling and encoding DPP AS-11 MXF files, while Switch, Telestream’s free multi-format media player, can now be used to visually QC DPP files on the desktop.
Profile of gunman who ambushed troopers released
marted́, 16 Settembre 2014 - 01:59 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - C-Media
15, 2015, at the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks at Stonington for the late Corporal Bryan Dickson of Dunmore. Two raging wildfires in California forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes, including one near a lakeside resort town that burned nearly two dozen structures.
ContentAgent Gains AMWA Certification for AS-11 UK DPP Deliverables
marted́, 16 Settembre 2014 - 11:51 AM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Z -CreativeCow
Automated deliverables workflow simplifies process saving time and effort. (Amsterdam, IBC 2014--September 16, 2014) It is announced today that ContentAgent, the workflow management and automation tool from ROOT6 Technology, has successfully met the criteria set out as part of the DPP’s Compliance Programme, and has achieved AMWA certification.
Vienna's SLASH FILM FESTIVAL Honors Troma's 40 years! Lloyd Kaufman to present Masterclass on September 20-21st!
marted́, 16 Settembre 2014 - 06:03 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Z -CreativeCow
(New York, New York--September 16, 2014) Greetings from Tromaville! Troma Entertainment President and Legendary Director Lloyd Kaufman recently went to Atlanta as a Special Guest at the 2014 Dragon Con, and now he's making his way to Vienna, Austria for the 2014 Slash Film Festival! On Saturday and Sunday, September 20th and 21st, Lloyd Kaufman will be teaching a very special Masterclass M.Y.O.D.M. event. Lloyd will share his 40 years of experience making movies and offer a highly entertaining crash course on everything from development to post-production and beyond.
CBS: Rihanna out of NFL telecastvisit|article-5758910|mobile_home_category_body-6377|2
marted́, 16 Settembre 2014 - 01:29 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - Topix Media
This April 25, 2014 file photo shows singer Rihanna watching Game 3 of an NBA basketball first-round playoff series between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors in New York. CBS said Tuesday, Sept.
Global Ceramic Tiles Industry
marted́, 16 Settembre 2014 - 03:00 PM - 1 Anno, 8 Months ago  - 21 Letture - top stories - 10-Broadcast - Newsroom
(2014-09-16) NEW YORK , Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Ceramic Tiles in Volume (Million Square Feet) and Value (US$ Million). The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada , Japan , E.....

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